Purple Hearts

The generous Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting the First Annual Valentiny Contest. Entries should be 214 words or less and feature someone who is grumpy. You can see all the details on Susanna’s blog, and see the link to visit all of the entries.

I hope you enjoy Kamethia’s grumpy solution: Purple Hearts
Kamethia wished she had her own car so she could drive to the store. She’d buy valentine cards, not like the ones Mama bought, with goofy hearts on them. She wanted superheroes or princesses, or the valentines that came with a sucker, or a box of candy, or an envelope at least.

“Come sign your name on your cards, Kamethia.” She pretended she didn’t hear Mama and worked on the braid in her doll’s hair. Ugly valentines, she thought.

When Granny called again, she didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so she made lots of noise with her cars and trucks so Granny would think she couldn’t hear her.

Hmmm. If those cards got accidentally ruined, Mama would have to buy her new ones. Kamethia waited until no one was in the kitchen and spilled a glass of water all over the cards.

Soon she heard Mama. “Oh no, the valentines are ruined. They’re soaking wet.”

Kamethia waited for Mama to add, “Let’s go buy new ones.” She’d pick out the best valentines and everybody would want to be her friend. But Mama stayed busy cleaning up the kitchen.

“What a shame.” Granny said.

Finally, Kamethia loaded the table with paper, scissors, and glue. She cut out thirty purple hearts and grabbed the glitter.